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Bhutan views, hotels and dzongs are spectacular

Hi Sonam,

It's good to hear from you again! The trip was awesome. The views the hotels and dzongs were nothing short of spectacular. Our guide Norbu is probably the friendliest and most accommodating guide we've ever had. He took care of all our needs and suited our every request to the best of his abilities.

Also I would like to highlight this incident to higher management.

On the second last day at Uma Paro, I had came down with food poisoning. See the previous night I was eating with my dad and brother at the resort's restaurant. We each had a different set and I has the Bhutanese set. Soon later we turned in for the night and it was the worst night I had. I vomited 6 times, and in the end at the morning I was so weak and in too much pain I couldn't go to the Tiger's Nest. Which is the main highlight of the trip! Norbu was more than kind, he stay behind to help me, ensure that I was alright, even insisted on taking me to the hospital. At the hospital he queued for me, made sure I saw the doctor promptly, ensured I got the right medicine. Norbu made sure everything was in order before he left me at the resort and went to catch up with my dad and brother who joined another Druk Asia group. (My dad was more than happy to join the other group because he had a friend in there) I would like to emphasize the fact that Norbu displayed immense amount of warmth and care throughout the trip for us that is way pass the standards of most guides we'd had overseas. His services were nothing short of impeccable and we would like to regard him now as a friend.

My second emphasis would be on Uma Paro. The front desk office manager was quite nice, apologizing constantly, arranging a driver to bring me to the hospital. However this is a food poisoning case in a 5 star resort, which is supposedly the creme de la creme of Bhutanese hospitality. I have eaten so many times in the local restaurants and I never had any problems. But after a Bhutanese meal at Uma, I vomited 6 times? When we checked out we didn't even get a discount, nothing whatsoever. This we found to be ridiculous. No real 5 star resort would ever allow such incidents to happen and go like this. We have stayed in our fair share of high end hotels across the world and we would like to say this is absurd. Druk Asia should do something about this because the losses this time was just too great. I lost the best highlight of the trip, I spent one whole day in bed cringing, and I got absolutely nothing.

In short, we strongly believe Norbu deserves a commendation and we need an answer to our little incident at Uma Paro.

Attached are some pictures as you requested.

Thank you Sonam for all you have done!!

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    August 2014
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