One of the best trips I have had
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One of the best trips I have had

Hi Sonam,

Thank you so much for helping with my pre-trip arrangements. I have just returned from my trip and I must say it was one of the best trips I've had!

My guide, Mr Pema Wangda, and driver, Mr Lobzang Choida, were such a good dedicated team who strive to give the absolute best experience to their guest. In my numerous travels, never have I encountered a driver or guide who would see to opening the car door every single time for their guest or bother to check if their guest was adequately hydrated during a long ride - this I must say, is true dedication and service.

As a traveler who loves to soak in the history and culture of a country visited, I have learned so much through the numerous sharings by Mr Pema whom one can tell is a Bhutanese who is truly passionate and proud of his country and its roots. This enthusiasm could also be seen in Mr Lobzang who is very knowledgeable and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing of his numerous experiences during our drives around the country. One can easily tell that both gentlemen love their country very much and it is so heartening to see that as a tourist - how to not love Bhutan more when you are experiencing it through locals who love it so much? :)

Thank you so much once again, Sonam, for all your help rendered and I sincerely hope to visit the beautiful kingdom of Bhutan again in the near future.

Mr Desmond Zhao

  • Desmond Zhao

    June 2019
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