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Our 10 Day Walking Tour of Bhutan was Fantastic

Our 10 day Walking Tour of Bhutan was fantastic!

We were so fortunate to have Jambay Dodo and Sangay to accompany us, as guide and driver respectively. They both did an excellent job and were great company. I have written a piece on your Facebook page to commend them, as well as DrukAsia.

One possible improvement on the part of DrukAsia would more care in setting the itinerary before travellers go to Bhutan. Certain items on our itinerary were not available because of summer closure (School of Arts) or were unsuitable for the time of year (leaches). One of the suggested 'day walks' would have been impossible to comfortably achieve in one day (it took us 3 hours to reach the half-way point!). Fortunately, Dodo was very pro-active in making changes as necessary, and very informative wherever we went, and we were delighted with all the changes he made. However, this presumably made more work for Dodo, and our printed itinerary lost its purpose as a quick guide to upcoming destinations. I had read about and researched some places we couldn't visit, and had no handy notes on some of the places we did visit and it got a bit confusing.

Other than that, no complaints.


Many thanks
Cathy Clark


  • Cathy Clark

    August 2016
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    United Kingdom

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