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Thank you for the lovely experience especially its our first time

We [08 of us] have just returned from a 06days trip in Bhutan, (16 to 21Apr18). My wife and I were very impressed with the professionalism of our Travel Guide, Mr Tobgay and our Driver for this trip, Mr Chimi. Mr Tobgay was very accommodating, knowledgeable, jovial and responsible.

He always ensures that we are comfortable throughout the trip. Always willing to assist with our requests, placing our interest in the first priority and ensure that we are in a safe and good area to take photos during the rides to different locations. He is also very knowledgeable and explained in details the history of different locations such as Monasteries, Dzongs and Culture of Bhutan. He is always polite and jovial for our entire trip.

Mr Chimi has very superb driving skills. Always making sure that our journey in the coach is a comfortable one with his skills of driving. He is always smiling and happy. Always willing to assist us in all areas.


Both Mr Tobgay and Mr Chimi placed our safety as their first priority especially during trekking through the rougher terrains in the mountains. One such is the Famous Tiger's Nest Monastery. They are always by our side, assisting some of our friends who are doing much for the first time. We felt safe with them. And they are the main reason that none of us had any accidents such as falls and injuries while navigating through the rougher terrains. Mr Tobgay will always point out which is the safer and better route to take during our trekking. While Mr Chimi always stays close to keep an eye of any blindspots we might have missed relating to our safety and comfort.


We have met quite a numbers of Travel Guides during our trip and when visiting different locations. I felt that none can give us the safe, warm and comfortable feeling as both Mr. Tobgay and Mr. Chinmi had given us. They given us a feeling of confidence in them.


We are very lucky to have both to guide us during the trip. And as I had mentioned, they kept us safe, which is the most important thing. We are very grateful to them.

I felt that they are a great assets to your business. And with our gratitude for the great hospitality shown to us, i felt that they should be complimented. Thank you Mr. Tobgay and Mr. Chimi.


We would definitely recommend our friends who are interested in going to Bhutan to seek your Company's assistance.


Thank you for the lovely experience especially its our first time.


  • Roger Chua

    May 2018
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