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The entire experience with DrukAsia had been nothing but topclass

The entire experience with DrukAsia had been nothing but topclass from the day we started interacting with Mr Sangay Dorji. He was extremely patient with our queries and answered every single email in depth and never failed to make himself available for assistance until the day we depart.

Our Bhutan trip was made even better by the 2 top guys assigned to us, Kinzang and Leki. Kinzang proved to be a very knowledgeable guide and Leki a very helpful and skillful driver. Despite his relatively young age, Kinzang was able to share impressive background behind all the temples we visited, the various forts we stopped at, and the history behind religious country of Bhutan. You would have imagined the amount of sharings would come from a 60 year old historian and not from a 30 year old young man. Bhutan’s roads are famous for being winding and uneven. But Leki drove in such a skillful manner that none of us felt carsick for the entire week with them. In the end, we felt that we gained 2 new friends at the end of the trip and the 2 of them made us feel as if they were showing their brothers around and not their clients. Such service and hospitality deserve to be commended and we sincerely recommend their services to each and every prospective visitor to Bhutan with DrukAsia/Soultrips.

  • Junhao Huang

    May 2024
  • From

  • Guide
    Kinzang Cheku (Soul Trips)

  • Hotel
    Zhideychen Resort, Zhideychen Resort, Zhideychen Resort, Zhideychen Resort

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