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The Jomolhari Trek Was Spectacular And breath-taking

Kuzu Zangpola,

I just arrived back in Germany two days ago after visiting Nepal for another week of Paragliding.

I wanted to send you a big Thank you (Kadrin chhey) for organizing this incredible trip to Bhutan - a real highlight in my travel diary. The Jomolhari Trek was spectacular and breath-taking.



Luckily, I heard about the Dechenphu Tsechu (which was not on your list). Ngawang managed to get us there exactly at the right time. We saw the Royal family (the 5. king, his wife and son) plus the prime minister and other high officials. What more can you ask for!

Ngawang (guide) and Dawa (driver) have done a great job. Big credits to them for making this trip so great! We had a lot of fun together and I was impressed by Ngawang's knowledge. I hope that DrukAsia gives them the rewards they deserve for such an outstanding performance.

I have only two minor suggestions for improvement:

  • The food in the Raven's Nest hotel was Western food, not Bhutanese. That was quite disappointing as I prefer to have a real local experience
  • I felt our Jomolhari Trek was a little too "luxurious" with 4 helpers and 6 horses, 3 meals a day and a separate toilet tent for me. I expected something more basic and adventurous, without all the "luxury". I am used to carrying my own gear and help building up the tents, cooking. etc. I did not like that everything was taken care of and I only had to walk.
  • I would have enjoyed spending at least one night in a non-tourist hotel (living with locals, such as a bed & breakfast or airbnb)

As I said, these are only very minor issues because I am not the typical tourist. I should have told you earlier in our conversations that I prefer authenticity over luxury.

Overall, the trip was one of my best trips ever and deserves the 5 star rating.

Best regards,



  • Florian Goette

    November 2017
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