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The one week trip in Bhutan was most memorable

The one week trip in Bhutan was most memorable. Bhutan is a beautiful country. I love Tiger’s Nest and Gangtey Valley among the many locations we visited. The beautiful memories would not have been possible without you Ugyen, our guide Namgay and driver Phurpa. Namgay who had took care of us and coordinated the whole week and patiently explained all the history and stories of each locations we visited. He also constantly made sure we were comfortable and that we are fine with the hotels or meals. Phurpa, who had driven us from point to point most carefully without incidents and even accompanied us on some treks. Phurpa had even taken the role to be the last man behind during trekking and took care of my wife who was slower than I was. We even caught up with TP and fellow traveller, Win, a few times. Last but not least, we had you, Ugyen, to thank for who patiently assisted us in all the reservations and answering our queries. I will recommend Druk Asia to my friends who are already enquiring with me. Namgay informed me that there was a 2 days hike in the mountains of Tiger’s Nest to visit all the temples with overnight camping. I hope one day I will get a chance to try that and have Namgay lead us once again.

Bhutan Guide Terence


Tiger Nest Terence

  • Terence

    December 2022
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  • Guide
    Thinley Namgay

  • Hotel
    Tashi Namgay Resort, Tashi Namgay Resort, Tashi Namgay Resort, Tashi Namgay Resort

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