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This has been an amazing trip to Bhutan this October

This has been an amazing trip to Bhutan this October. The weather was beautiful, not too cold and not too hot. The itinerary was perfect for us, a good blend of hiking activities and leisurely visits to the monasteries. Our tour guide, Dee Dee was great, along with out driver, Dorji. Both were very kind and accommodating, they knew when we were tired and had us rest up back at the hotel. They both offered to stop at any point during the drive so that we could take pictures of the breathtaking background.The hotels were on another level of their own, nestled against the mountain, providing the best views from any room. Of course the highlight is the trek to Tiger's Nest. My mother couldn't make it to the very top but she was able to make it to the halfway point and rest while me and my sister hiked all the way to the top. The altitude took some time to get used to, but we took our time and took many breaks to acclimate. Bhutan is such a cultural country, with the Bhutanese having so much pride in their home and their willingness to share it with us. I want to thank Druk Asia for providing us with such a wonderful time there, definitely will recommend to other people who want to come here as well.

  • Winney Wong

    October 2019
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