Tour with excellent guide
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Tour with excellent guide

Overall I really enjoyed my trip to Bhutan. I would especially like to thank my guide Karma Dorji. He has excellent knowledge about Bhutanese culture, history and society in general. He was always in a good mood and was easy to talk to. I would also like to thank my driver for doing an excellent job, despite the difficult road condition there is some room for improvement. I would have appreciated the opportunity to experience more of normal, non-touristy Bhutanese life, that is by using a school or something. There should also be more opportunity to eat local food. The hotels and restaurant served the similar kind of food, which I found rather boring and flavourless, more spices and chilli please. Furthermore, the cleanliness at Tenziling hotel need to be improved. That being said, I really had a good time in Bhutan.

  • Sigmund Olav Bekken

    September 2015
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