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We brought back very fond memories, unforgettable experience, and many precious moments having spent our one week holiday in Bhutan

Hi Inez,

We returned safe and sound, survived the challenging trekking and Tiger Nest excursion!

Many thanks to you to begin with, who made our travel plan came true, and a very enriching and smooth one.

I would like to write a heartfelt thankful testimonial to add on to your homepage, sharing some beautiful pictures as well. Like many other posted reviews, I sincerely hope that all your good effort and great team work will bring more interested tourists to your lovely and happy country.

Here goes my review,

At the beginning of the year, I started to plan a group trip for 16 of us to visit Bhutan in Oct. After some basic research, websites browsing, reading tripadvisor reviews and speaking to few travel agents, we decided to book our package with Druk Asia Bhutan Travel. Among the handful of very interesting itineraries, we chose to join the 7D6N package with Bumdra Trek. And it turned out to be such a wonderful trip and an immensely pleasant experience to go with Druk Asia.

The agency is truly a one-stop shop with transparent pricing, and takes care of air tickets, visa application, food, lodging, transport and itinerary that was customised to cater to our needs. My travel request was picked-up and coordinated by Inez Bratahalim, all the way from start to finish, with consistency and top-notch service. She was very pleasant and easy to work with, always prompt and responsive, probably the most efficient travel adviser that I've come across. Our local guide and driver were Kinley and Namgay (Joker), who were attentive and took good care of us throughout the entire trip. Kinley speaks very good English, young and fun to walk us through to various places of interest, and fit enough to lead us on a (last) 2-day challenging hiking treks. Joker on the other hand, was very experienced navigating the narrow roads and handled the van well. He also displayed his fatherly figure during trekking and made every effort to see that the weaker and slower ones were not left behind. He carried bags, helped the tired ones, and said prayers to make our hiking easier. His chanting even stopped a splattering rain along the hiking trail up to Bumdra, NOT joking. With them around, we managed to ascend to a 3900m campsite and moved on to Tiger Nest on the following day. All of us felt tired, drained and sore but extremely satisfying and fulfilling! No mean feat for a gang of us who are mostly in our 50s.

We brought back very fond memories, unforgettable experience, and many precious moments having spent our one week holiday in Bhutan. Accommodations were basic but clean and adequate, food was simple but delicious, people were friendly and genuine...what more can one ask for?

From each and everyone of us in the group, "Thank You!"

Best Regards,

Joanne Ong


  • Lai Peng Joanne Ong

    October 2019
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    Ugyen Tenzin Soul Trips

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    Tashi Namgay Resort, Tashi Namgay Resort, Tashi Namgay Resort, Tashi Namgay Resort

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