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We felt very safe and welcomed throughout the journey

Our trip to Bhutan was one of our most memorable trips overseas. The statues, the grand looking Tzongs, stupas, and Bhutan landscapes are all beautiful. The scenery is impressive. Bhutanese culture and architecture are unique. Most of all, the Bhutanese whom we met were such friendly people. We felt very safe and welcomed throughout the journey.

Our itinerary was well organized. We managed to watch a local festival at Haa Valley. Our tour guide Mr. Tshering Dorji (B) explained to us the dances so that we understood what the dances were about. He was very knowledgeable. He patiently explained everything and everywhere that we visited. He was gentle, thoughtful always, and caring.

Our driver Mr. Ten Xin was a careful driver. He drove skillfully and carefully, hill after hills, over winding and narrow roads and avoided hitting cows or dogs in the middle of the roads. We would like to say a big "thank you" to both of them for taking such good care of the two of us senior citizens, with such patience and thoughtfulness.

I will never forget the exciting horse-ride climbing up to halfway up the hill to Tiger Nest. We took 8 whole hours to complete the whole trip. On our way down the hill, it was raining and the paths were wet and slippery. But we braved the rain all the way to the halfway Cafe. We felt it was really an achievement for the both of us, with the excellent care provided by Dorji. He even took the trouble to help dry our wet coats at the halfway Cafe.

Really, Druk Asia should consider issuing a Certificate of Achievement to us who are Senior Citizens. I am 68 and my husband is 77 years old.

The dinner we had in the farm house on the final day in Paro was nice. Now we can easily recall how the inside of a Bhutanese farm house looks like and what the local dishes are that they serve up for dinner. We noticed that the food was cooked differently, but with the same kind of vegetables that we usually eat. The experience has been more than we had imagined.

Once again, a very big Thank You for your wonderful hospitality and the opportunity to visit your country which is unique in many, many ways. We are happy we went. Bye.

Chang Soo Fan and Leong Wing Fatt


  • Chang Soo Fan

    September 2017
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