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We had a wonderful and magical time in Bhutan

We had a wonderful and magical time in Bhutan. You have an amazing country and we left in awe.

About the trip - we feel privileged to have been amongst the few travellers to have visited Bhutan.

The itinerary was fine, as per what was described in your travel notes. So we were well prepared. We were lucky to have encountered National Day and saw some of the festivities. We also enjoyed the traditional festival (sorry forgot the name for that). I think besides the amazing scenery, the other most interesting aspect of the tour is understanding the culture of Bhutan.

For this, the guide plays a very important role. He/She is almost the only touchpoint we have to understanding the culture better. We felt Kunzang was good with children and willing to be patient with them. Perhaps she could explain things a bit more and give more context to some of the sights / traditions we saw. Share with us about the country and people's lives etc. Don't get us wrong, we did enjoy her company.

We wanted to compliment your driver - Somnang. Besides the guide, the driver is one of the most important persons for a trip like this. For a young man, we felt he was very patient on the road and drove carefully all the time. He wasn't fazed when cars over took him and continued driving safely. He seems well-trained, keeping the car clean every day, kept his seat belt on and drove in a smooth manner. These are small but important gestures. Pls send him our compliments and appreciation!

All in all we had a wonderful trip and would highly recommend it to anyone.


Thank you.



  • Cheryl Koh

    December 2017
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