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We spent 5 beautiful days early this month in Bhutan

We spent 5 beautiful days early this month in Bhutan covering Thimpu, Paro and Punakha, which should be on every traveler's bucket list. There is a beautiful landscape or a temple or a monastery whichever way you look. In Paro, we woke up to snow capped Himalayan peaks at a distance. One of the most exciting times during the trip for me was on the first day when the small plane flying into Paro Airport was dipping and turning its way (very safely of course) through the mountains with its wings that looked like a touching distance away from the mountain surface. Buddha's Point was stunning just in its vastness and size. While very cold, Dochula Pass was beautiful; unfortunately we could not see the Himalayan range due to heavy fog... but still beautiful. Tiger's Nest is all that the hype makes it out to be... but one needs to be prepared for a hard trek for about 4 hours. The hotels that we stayed in were all top notch except for the one in Punakha. All our meals were simple and delicious and felt like home cooked meals. We also experienced the hot stone bath on the last day which was quite relaxing. The Druk Asia team and Sangay Dorji were ever so helpful, starting with the bookings and to keeping us informed at every step of the pre-trip process. On the ground, our tour guide Yeshey Dorji was very knowledgeable, obviously proud of his country and managed our holiday just the way we wanted. It was paced just to our liking, with a good balance of nature, history and spirituality. When the wheels of our vehicle was in the hands of a very capable Dorji Zhangpo, all we had to do is lay back and take in the scenery as we wound our way through the many S-curves up the mountains. Our truly heartfelt appreciation for the team of Druk Asia and the warm people of Bhutan.

  • Ayesha Siddiqua

    March 2023
  • From

  • Guide
    Yeshi Dorji

  • Hotel
    Tashi Namgay Resort, Tashi Namgay Resort, Tashi Namgay Resort

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