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Chunjur took part in the Royal Civil Servant Examination and was awarded a scholarship to study Interior Design in JeJu University South Korea. Upon completion, he pursued his second degree in Bachelor in Business Management in Indian Academy Bangalore University.

Chunjur freelanced for Druk Asia in 2011 and joined the team as a full time guide in 2012. He is fluent in 5 languages Bhutanese, English, Korean, Hindi and Nepali. He is specialized in Korean speaking tour and cultural tour. Nevertheless, he has completed Jumolhari Trek and Druk Path trek before.


Bhutan National Day celebration in Thimphu

Dear Eve,

Thank you for your email.

The service extended by Mr Chunjur Dozi and the driver was extra-ordinary and exceeded all expectations.

DrukAsia service throughout our stay has been excellent and will continue to recommend your services to all my network of friends and business associates

Kind regards
Robin Yap

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A great Bhutan trip with lasting memories

Hi Sangay,

Thanks for your email and follow up. What a trip! We all had a great time and despite a bit of illness on day 2 we survived the hike and had a wonderful time. Chunjur was a great guide and truly made our stay welcoming and enjoyable. Our driver was safe and friendly and our van was a treat as well.

Food was okay although we wished we had a bit more variety in the hotels and Sean our vegetarian sometimes felt a bit left out from the meal options. We loved the Drubbchu hotel and thought they had amazing food and accommodation.

The hike was a bit tough for some of us, but Chunjur was patient and we all made it up and down the hill and enjoyed the camping even though it was a bit cold at night.

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An awesome trip to Bhutan

Hi Sangay

I would like to say a big thank you to you, our guide Chunjur and our driver Karma; it was an awesome trip to Bhutan!!

Lim Poh Whee

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Our Bhutan trip was great

Hello Eve,

The trip was great, thanks.

We (my wife actually) finally got around posting some of the photos from our great trip in Bhutan. You can see them at the link below. Feel free to use any of them! Also I wanted to send the link to Chunjur but I can’t find his card anymore, can you send me his email address or forward this to him


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A wonderful time in Bhutan and the hike to Tiger Nest

Hi Sangay

Jim and myself had a wonderful time in Bhutan - Chunjur and Sangay were an excellent guide/driver combination. Always on time, always helpful and Chunjur was a wealth of information on all the places we visited.

I think Jim and myself were very pleased with the entire organisation and service from start to finish.

If we had to choose one small issue it would be the trip to Haa Valley - was a long drive and maybe more time in Paro would have been preferable - we did mention this to Chunjur. But really we were very impressed!

I have attached a couple of photos - please do tell me if you intend to use them at all - or if you would like to see more

Many thanks!

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其次要感谢你们安排的2位导游,司机 非常优秀和耐心,以及他们细心周到的安排。
给我们这些VVIP 公教中学1964年毕业班老同学50周年纪念的旅游永生难忘。

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Bhutan: The Land of Gross National Happiness

Dear Eve & Sonam,

Thank you for your efficient follow up.

The arrangements in Bhutan was very efficient and thank you for assigning Chunjur (guide) and Wangchuk (Driver). Both worked tirelessly to ensure that all arrangements went smoothly. They are so committed to their job. I will have no hesitation to recommend anyone travelling to Bhutan to use the services of DRUKASIA,

On my return sector, it was very fortunate that there were business class seats available and we paid USD 90 for an upgrade – very affordable upgrade.

I have uploaded pictures of my trip on my blog. Feel free to use them.

Once again, thank you and will be planning the next trip with some friends this year end.

PS: Great to bump into you at Druk Hotel in Thimphu Joni.

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A beautiful country and it was very nice

Hi Sangay!

Thanks for your e-mail. The trip to Bhutan was very nice. You have a beautiful country and it was very nice to know its culture and its people a little bit better. We already filled in the feedback questionnaire that the local agency gave us at the end of the trip. You can refer to it directly, but as a summary there are 3 main points where you could improve in general:

- We visited a very nice market (I believe in Thimphu) and we could see the variety of vegetables and especially fruits that you have in Bhutan. However, during our lunch and dinners in Bhutan, we did not have that variety on our menu. Actually, we decided to buy some mangos and lychees on our own for our desserts.

- We went to visit the Tiger's Nest and it was a beautiful experience. The place is wonderful, b

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A memorable and positive experience

Dear Sonam, I hope you had an enjoyable festive season and a wonderful start to 2013. On behalf of my friends, Sharon and Sandra, we want to express our appreciation for your Druk Asia team who made our recent Bhutan trip a most wonderful experience. We made our trip from 13 Dec to 22 Dec, with Chunjur as our guide and Dorji driving the van. Both are exceptionally professional and took great care to ensure our safety and comfort throughout the trip. They were an excellent team and we were very impressed by their initiatives and professionalism. We are thankful to have both as our guide and driver, for they certainly have helped to make our visit to your beautiful country a memorable and positive experience.

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