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Specialize in Cultural Guide

Kinzang Dhedup specializes with cultural tour. Most recently, he led our school group from Singapore. He has been guiding for us since 2006.


Sketch Bhutan is the best tour ever!

Sketch Bhutan is the best tour ever! It was a relaxed but well organised tour, with everything done to accommodate the preferences of the entire group. There is something very special in actually stopping to take the time to observe and sketch down a scene. It allowed us to view the sights with an entirely different eye, compared to the normal snap and go tourist. Of course, without proper guidance, sketching would have been a frustrating or almost impossible endeavour, and so the artist teachers, Erwin and Rajesh were there to save the day! They were always around to help and give their tips and suggestions. Highly recommended if you are looking for a wholly new experience and would like to try your hand at sketching!

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Sketch Bhutan is the best tour ever

Sketch Bhutan is the best tour ever! It was a relaxed but well-organised tour, with everything done to accommodate the preferences of the entire group. There is something very special in actually stopping to take the time to observe and sketch down a scene.

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Visit To The Serene And Charming Bhutan

The 7 days 6 nights trips with Haa valley is a memorable one. My family truly enjoyed the beautiful and charisma Bhutan. Though it was in the midst of the monsoon season, our itinerary was only affected on Day 2. However, the friendly and resourceful Kuenzang (Guide) was able to quickly revise the attraction places to visit to suit the weather and even accommodated my request to seek out the Takin on a Monday!
Kuenzang is very attentive, and remembered our off-track requests and fulfilled them all. He read the mood of the day and is lively, cracking jokes with us on long drives and sharing his personal life and answered our long queries on the day-to-day of a Bhutanese life. He is very patient and paced the whole trip to match our granny steps. Kuenzang is also very knowledgeable in

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My Trip To Veritable Treasure Trove

It's been equal parts wonderful and beastly to be back home.

I ventured into this trip with a transient agenda of escapism, but by the end of it, it was clear I'd been afforded more than I had bargained for. In a space where unique experiences are fleetingly singular commodities, Bhutan has been a veritable treasure trove, which I shall undoubtedly hoard in memory. As an enthusiast of sweeping vistas and a good old road trip, I can gladly say that all the boxes have been checked. Fortunately, by the time I am writing this, hindsight has already had its time to percolate, and every ascent now seems worth doing ten times over.

My thanks to Kuenzang for his forbearance with my inability to be a proper tourist, and keeping up with my astounding uphill speeds. Lucky are those will follow

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A Trip To Magical Bhutan

I proceeded to visit Taiwan after Bhutan and just got back recently.

The trip, as I have been telling my friends and colleagues, was simply "MAGICAL"!!!!!!!

Albeit being rainy, the weather was actually cool and enjoyable.

I would like to commend the guide Kuenzang, and the accompanying driver. Kuenzang was knowledgeable, patient, friendly, attentive and very helpful. I recalled on certain nights, we wanted to go out for drinks, and he arranged the driver to pick us up at 1045pm at night, waited for us till 1245am, and sent us back to the hotel! On another occasion, he had the driver sent us to Uma Paro for dinner, and had the driver waited for us to finish and send us back to the hotel. All these were free of charge, "as a form of service", to quote Kuenzang. We also made some changes

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A very good time in a beautiful country, Bhutan

Hi Sonam,

Thanks for the email. I had a very good time in Bhutan. It is a beautiful country full of warm people. Overall I was pleased with my experience. I enjoyed my guide and driver. The Hotel Lobesa was very nice. I would only have two suggestions for improvement. I was a bit disappointed that my reservation at Hotel Lobesa was not taken care of for the first night in Punakha and I was forced to stay at Hotel Vera, which is a significant step down from Hotel Lobesa. I certainly do not expect to stay at 5 star resorts for a $250/day all in price, but I think the quality of what you get at Lobesa is a reasonable expectation. Hotel Vera was not to that level.

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A fantastic week in Bhutan

Dear Sonam,

We've returned from a fantastic week in Bhutan. Thank you so much for your help in arranging our trip.

It was a very lovely immersion in a very beautiful country, despite the wet weather, but we were well aware that we were visiting during the monsoon season. We enjoyed visiting the various dzongs and temples, as well as soaking in the atmosphere of the towns and villages. The overall itinerary was definitely quite a comprehensive and balanced one.

The hotels were great, despite their 3 star billing, although you may wish to know that Hotel Norbuling in Thimphu was rather noisy. The internet connection in all three hotels we stayed at was also not very stable. But on the whole, the accommodation in other respects were fine.

Our guide was efficient, but we also found him

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Bhutan is an amazing country

Kuzuzangpo La Ap Sonam

Thank you for your email. You have been most kind and accommodating, even though I made a request a change in itinerary just 5 days before my trip, you were quick to respond to my required change of destination. Sorry to have caused you inconvenience with the hotel changes!

Having worked in the hospitality industry previously, I must commend your 6 star services and constant follow-up.

My guide Kuenzang Dhendup is perfect. He not just a knowledge bank, but also a master presenter. When we are in Punakha Dzong, I felt sorry for the other guides as their clients would pay attention to Kuenzang instead! He delivers his presentation like the sharpest of swords, every strokes not blunt but elegant. Despite the unexpected increase in audiences, Kuenzang maintains his

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Wonderful Bhutan - Ura Yakchoe

Dear Sonam,

Please find a few photos that i took in the recent trip.

Very happy to share them with others so that they know how wonderful your country is.

Cheers, Loan

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A great trip to Bhutan with Druk Asia

Hi Sonam,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note in thanks. We had a great trip to Bhutan with your company -- everything was fabulous. Many thanks to Kuenzang and Uygin for taking such good care of us, especially my husband's parents. Please don't hesitate to refer prospective clients to me if they need a reference.

Here are some photos of our trip - hope you enjoy :)

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