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Tshering Penjor
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Specialize in Sr Cultural Guide, St Trekking Guide

At about 100 kg, Tshering is a giant among the guides. His size is only matched by the number of stories and adventures that he has collected. Do find out his adventures in leading the 21 days Snowman trek. He has been guiding for 10 years and is our second most senior guide in the team. Tshering Penjor has completed Snow Man Trek three time and was the first guide to lead the Merak Sakteng Trek. 

A graduate in Commerce from the St Anthony’s College, Shillong, India, Tshering traces his family tree to some very famous character in the Paro valley


Our short stay in Bhutan was just amazing

Dear Sonam,

Our short stay together with our guide Tshering and driver Panda was just amazing. Hotel was clean with very friendly stuff. Everything was well organized and we felt warmly welcomed in this great country.

Tshering made us really happy in the country of happiness. We enjoyed the contacts with locals and the good time we've spent together. For sure we will recommend your agency as well as our guide. Probably one day we will come back.

Happy New Year!

Kind regards,
Raphael Borer

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Enjoyable Bhutan moment for me and family

Good afternoon Sonam,

The 7 day holidays in Bhutan was interesting and enjoyable moment for me and family except that there was a lot of walking and climbing mountain which was taxing for aged people. Beautiful sceneries. The guide was really experience, good and responsible. The hotel rooms and services were friendly and good too. I would not hesitate to recommend friends to visit Bhutan.

Hi Sonam,

We would like to thank you again for your help with our trip to Bhutan last week.

From the trip planning to all the travel arrangements, you have made the whole pre-trip preparation so easy and smooth for us. It has been a delight working with you.

And when we got to Bhutan, we were blessed to have Mr Tshering Penjor as our guide. He really took great care of us

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Lovely holiday and hiking to Tiger Nest

Hi Sonam,

Thank you very much for all your help. We had a lovely holiday and all went well and we loved what we chose to do. Our guide and driver were very good and they became our travelling companions. Here few photos of our time.


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Bhutan is unbelievably beautiful

Hi Sonam,

Your country is unbelievably beautiful. It is indeed as they coined it- "happiness is a place on earth".

We had a great guide and driver. We took our time to visit sites leisurely and that was how we wanted it. The nature walk at Gangtey was breathtaking.. One of the highlights of the trip. The food was easy and healthy. The hotels were decent and comfortable. Although at hotel Vara, the house keeping needed a little work. But all in all, we had a great time. And we would love to go back next time in spring when the flowers are in full bloom.

Attached are some pics from my Instagram. Don't you miss home?! :)

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Bhutan is a beautiful country with lovely scenery surrounded by Himalayan Mountains

Dear Sangay Dorji,

Sorry for the late reply as I was busy with my work & Teaching in Malaysia.
Rain started on the last day we left Bhutan. It was really the Blessing by The Buddha during our 3 days in Bhutan with good weather; and everybody is fresh & well for the Tiger Nest Hike. A very fruitful Trip!
All my students & I enjoyed very much during our stay in Bhutan. We share to other disciples and they all got so excited & requested to organize the trip again for next year!
Please find attached some feedback from my Students & a group photo.
Once again, Thank you for your help & arrangement for our Bhutan Pilgrim Trip.

Yours in Dharma.
Ngawang Choezin

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Hike in the Himalayas - Tiger's Nest Monastery

Dear Sonam,

Thank you very much for your email. Sorry it took us long to get back to you but we were still traveling. Me and my family we are all extremely pleased with our visit to Bhutan. We loved every single moment spent there and will very dearly remember them. However, without a doubt what was key to make of our trip an amazing experience was the services provided by Druk Asia through our guide, Tshering Penjor, and our driver Tencen. Their warmth and great disposition to help us enjoy as much as possible our time in Bhutan we highly appreciate.

Regarding the hotels, we were very pleased with all of them. Perhaps the only one we felt didn't match the standards of the rest was the Metta Resort and Spa, which was not bad but definitely lagged behind in comparison to the rest, which w

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The untouched nature of Bhutan

Dear Sonam, First of all, we would like to thank you for all the arrangements made for our holiday in Bhutan. We really enjoyed our trip and were overwhelmed in experiencing the rich culture, the untouched nature and the friendly people of Bhutan. We are so grateful to have Mr Tshering Penjor as our Tour Guide, and Mr Kuenzang as our designated Driver. They were so friendly especially Mr Tshering, so humorous and knowledgeable. We were very impressed when he helped us to arrange a trip to visit a primary school which was not scheduled in the itinerary. We will definitely recommend Bhutan to our friends. And without doubt, we would plan our next visit to Bhutan soon. Thank you.

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Dochula Festival, one of the highlights

Dear Sangay, A Happy New Year to you! Our group had a wonderful time in Bhutan. The tour arrangements went very smoothly. The scenery was outstanding and the weather was generally very good for travelling. One of the highlights of the trip was the Dochula Festival.

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Finally fulfilled our dreams to Bhutan

Hi Sangay, Kuzuzangpo La! My sister and I have been planning to visit Bhutan since last year and finally our dreams were fulfilled with the recent trip. Thanks for your patience in helping us make the changes to our itinerary and booking the hotels we preferred. Although my sister requested for Bull whom she met at NATAS Fair as our guide for the trip, we got Tshering Penjor as our guide instead. Wow, having such a big guy as our guide, we underestimated his fitness and agility. We were glad to have him as our guide... He was humorous and entertaining and took really good care of us. He even surprised us by bringing us to the farm stay to savor the rice wine, milk tea and crispy fried rice prior to the nature hike along the valley of Phobjikha.

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So beautiful in its nature, culture and people

Hi Sangay, Thank you for your follow up email. Bhutan is so beautiful in its nature, culture and people! I hope Bhutan's natural and cultural landscape remain rich as it is today in the coming years as the country continues to open up to tourism. Nature, culture and is people are the very core attractions of the country and I am already looking forward to my next Bhutan trip...planning to do some trekking the next time we visit bhutan! We had an enjoyable time in Bhutan, both our guide, Tshering and our driver are nice and reliable. The only area for improvement that i would suggest is probably the food... We had 6 days of bhutanese food in a row, it will be good if we can have at least 1 day where other cuisine choices are made available.

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