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We had a fantastic visit and stay in Bhutan

Dear Sonam,

I had only 24 hours to re-pack my suitcase after our visit to India and Bhutan and flew to Paris from I returned yesterday…. so here I am now and make my quick report on our trip.

We had a fantastic visit/stay in your wonderful country and for this the maximum credit goes to you, Sonam and our wonderful guide…! You have made for us a 5-star program and this little chap with his intelligence, humour and affection made us feel like a royal member of the royal family.

Right from the beginning I felt that you are special – you are not just one of a dozen other tourist agencies, you are indeed special as treated us like your brothers and sisters and we were convinced from the very first minute that nothing can go wrong- and no wonder, nothing went wrong.

You are great guy, Sonam, and I am proud we could enjoy your hospitality and became addicted to the land of the dragon.

Forgive me for repeating this for the 3rd time: YOU ARE ALL TOGETHER SPECIAL and you all deserve the maximum acclaim for the perfect job you did.

Please accept our BIG-Big-BIG THANK YOU for that (and sorry again for my late response…)

Best regards,
Andras Csikos