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A Memorable Trip For My Friends And I

Kuzuzangpo la!

Our stay in Bhutan was great and we enjoyed ourselves despite some hiccups.

Bhutan was a memorable trip for my friends & I as we embarked on a 10 days journey to the West & Central of Bhutan. It was an fruitful experience for us as we embraced ourselves into the culture, with more understanding and learning new things. We simply missed everything in Bhutan. The scenery was just WOW! We also took back something with us which was friendship. We got to meet other travelers during the trip, who had the same itinerary as us, eventually we just got together in a pack of 6, 6 travelers with 6 guides/drivers (as I described it). It was fun to travel together and friendship was formed.

Bit of disappointment as we did not get to attend the Matsutake Festival, which was one of the highlight for this trip. Other than that, everything was good. We overcame the long bumpy journey on road & we managed to hike up Taktsang, which is also known as Tiger Nest, in a pretty good timing. Though we had few newbies in hiking, with great company the journey just seemed like a breeze. A big shout out to all the drivers & guides who accompanied us along this journey. It was a blessing to know them all and thank you.

KadinChhey la to Druk Asia for making this trip possible and definitely sharing with friends about the beauty of Bhutan. I am sure we would like to return to explore more of Bhutan, especially the Eastern of Bhutan.


Best wishes & Warmest regards

Tiffany Lim, Beatrice Han & Hannah