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A Very Wonderful 10 Day In The Breathtaking Bhutan

Kuzuzangpo la!

It has been a very wonderful 10days in the breathtaking Bhutan. Everything still feel so surreal, like a dream came true.

Sangay and Jamyang have been very nice and friendly, and have given me alot of laughter and memories which I will never forget. Although the drive from one place to the other, especially the drive from Punakha to Bumthang (took us 11.5hours), the drive however was one of my favorite memory in Bhutan. Bumthang was so beautiful and filled with warmth, and it got to be my favorite place in Bhutan!

Everything is very well-planned. Food was very very good; I especially love and miss emadatshi, and I wonder where I can get my craving fixed in Singapore! All the lodgings have been wonderful as well! Everyone whom I have met along the trip have been very kind and warm, and I am very grateful to all the kindness and smiles I have received.

"You can leave Bhutan, but it will never leave you." This is so true, cause I am already planning to come back again in 2017!

Kadrinchhey la! And I look forward to visiting Bhutan again in 2017.


Jie Ying Lee