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An adventurous trip to Bhutan

Hi Sangay - We have all arrived home after an adventurous trip that included, besides Bhutan, India, Nepal, Tibet, China, and Hong Kong. I just wanted to let you know that all went well in Bhutan and our guide Hawong was really nice and very informed. He took good care of us and went above and beyond when Ryan left his laptop on the plane when we arrived to Paro. Hawong did everything possible to locate the laptop and was successful in returning it to Ryan. We enjoyed Bhutan and were glad that it was included in our itinerary.

The only concern that I would express is that 2 of us were sick when we arrived to Kathmandu. The cause was either the food on the plane from Paro or the boxed breakfast that was sent with us to the airport for our early morning departure. The stomach illness was short lived leading to the conclusion that it was one of those meals as opposed to simple travellers diarrhoea. My suggestion is that either the hotel assure that the boxed meal is refrigerated over night or that an effort is made to serve breakfast for departing guests on that early flight.