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Amazing Tour to Bhutan

Dear Ugyen,


We just got back from Bhutan and our trip was more than amazing, hard to put the right words to describe it :)

I checked your FB link here below and I wish I could add another super positive comment but I have no Facebook.

I have replied to a long survey at Paro airport from the Tourism Authority of Bhutan, I agree to reply to all your questions if you have an independent survey on your side.

Please feel free to forward it to me if you have one.


I just wanted to let you know the following;

- Druk Asia, you Ugyen in particular, my first contact, you have been so good at replying to all my queries and prepare our package very smoothly. I received all the documents on time and all your explanations were very clear.


- The trip itself was very interesting, relaxing, out of this (crazy Singaporean) World :)


In 3 words: unique - authentic - peaceful.


- The Tour Guide, I should say the "unusual" Tour Guide, Nim Tshering who taught us so much about his beloved country and beyond... We will definitely keep in touch.

The always smiling Driver, Seagay Dorji; punctual, friendly and who drove so safely.


- Accommodation chosen was great and clean. Food was so healthy, good to have a break from our local food.

Also we slept so well in Bhutan, the weather was perfect and all the beds in hotels were of good quality.


We have been travelling all over the world and living in 8 countries over 5 continents and we have no one single negative comment to make, still wondering why ? Any magic there ?

Anyway thank you for making this happen, we will spread the good words.


Kind Regards,

Dominique and Alessia FILOCCA