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Bhutan is an amazing country

Kuzuzangpo La Ap Sonam

Thank you for your email. You have been most kind and accommodating, even though I made a request a change in itinerary just 5 days before my trip, you were quick to respond to my required change of destination. Sorry to have caused you inconvenience with the hotel changes!

Having worked in the hospitality industry previously, I must commend your 6 star services and constant follow-up.

My guide Kuenzang Dhendup is perfect. He not just a knowledge bank, but also a master presenter. When we are in Punakha Dzong, I felt sorry for the other guides as their clients would pay attention to Kuenzang instead! He delivers his presentation like the sharpest of swords, every strokes not blunt but elegant. Despite the unexpected increase in audiences, Kuenzang maintains his professionalism and focus to his client.

Kado is an incredible driver; on the rocky roads from Thimphu to Punakha, he will do his best to avoid the rockiest surfaces to make the ride more bearable. You might want to consider hiring him as one of your permanent driver. Highly impressed by his professionalism, friendliness and street-smarts.

Bhutan is an amazing country, but I actually felt sad. Not because the trip is not enjoyable, far from it. I will hate to see further impacts of modernisation to your beautiful country. I have travelled far and wide, but never have I felt so strongly for another country.

True, Bhutan is scenic, but the remarkable part of Bhutan is not the place but the people who makes Bhutan the country it is. During my short stay, I was invited into homes for tea, or even a picnic by the field. I don’t know any other places where people are more hospitable.

Your government has been wise and careful with modernising Bhutan, I wish nothing but the best for Bhutan and her people.

I will certainly return to Bhutan in the near future.

Please find the photos attached. I only sees in black and white.

Kadinchey La!

Gerald Lee Jie Hao