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Bhutan truly an eye opening experience

Dear Sonam,

Happy New Year!

Visiting Bhutan was truly an eye opening experience for the both of us. It was a joy to be able to learn so much from the unique culture and history. I can't stop raving about our guide Jigme. He made every effort to make sure our holiday was enjoyable. I would definitely recommend both our guide and driver to other visitors who wish to explore this beautiful country.

Our hike to the Tiger's Nest in Bhutan was the highlight of our trip. Unfortunately, a horrific accident occurred where we saw a Thai tourist fall off to her death. Although December is the low season in this region, the Tiger's Nest was relatively crowded which makes it unsafe as the passage is narrow and steep. We would recommend other visitors to bring the appropriate trekking shoes for the climb up and warn elderly visitors to avoid climbing up all the way to the top as it can be quite strenuous and dangerous.

I've attached some photos of the highlights of our trip!

Sara Tan