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Excellent and fantastic Bhutan trip

Dear Sonam,

Hello there again. How are you doing? Assume all is well with you. We just came back from Bangkok yesterday night and am feeling very very tired hahaha as usual working holidays are always tiring but fun..

Our Bhutan trip is excellent and fantastic compare to our previous trip last year.. Thanks a million for giving us a very good driver who cleans the bus everyday and is a very careful driver and not to forget he always have a warm smile too. Had a fantastic tour guide, Kinley Wangdi... tries his very best to giving us what we wanted and always check with me if he is not sure.. He even changed the food to suit our taste upon request, which is very impressive... I have been a tour leader for 31 years, and can say that Kinley make a very good tour guide, he can make quick decisions. For any of our future trip we would really like to use both the same driver and tour guide...

Am sure Kinley also have something to say about us hahaha because this is the first time he have all female paxs and also the first time our luggage came a day after we arrived. Am sure its also the first time he meet tour leader like me hahaha very demanding and straight to the point.

We all enjoy ourselves and wish that we can spent more time in Bhutan.. On our way back my paxs talk about going back to Bhutan in future which to me is very surprising hahaha because they mentioned that they love the natural environment.. If all works our well we will make another trip to Bhutan either in October or November..

The only complain I have is our stay in Rinchenling Lodge, Bumthang... I have to take cool shower because the hot water was used up. I showered half way and there were no hot water hahaha so had to take cold shower which to me is not impressive because it was really very cold that night. The Rinchenling Lodge overall is good and the food there is good too... the only complain is hot shower... They have to do something about the hot water... They told one of my paxs (which also have no hot water to shower) that when the hot water is used up we have to wait few hours before we can have hot water again which is not right.... Will not recommend this hotel for our future trip especially during the cold weather.

Will forward some nice photos to Kinley soon and ask him to forward to you. Once again we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done for us.

Take care and God bless.