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Bhutan a beautiful country with beautiful people

Hi Sonam,

Sorry took me awhile to respond. Been busy catching up with my other life here in the US.

I had a great time considering the length of time I was there. It's a beautiful country with beautiful people. I was happy with my guide and driver. Very courteous people.

A little disappointed about not being able to make it to Punakha which Lhawang (my guide) explained was because of road closures/ blocks.

The accommodations were nice but certain things about the Metta resort and spa I have to mention. The electrical outlets were hard to find in the room and they have an automatic light up in the ceiling when power outages happen which is not conducive when you are already sleeping and the power goes off at or after midnight. Literally kept me awake. I wish there's a way to turn that light off or put it where it's not right above you to keep you awake all night or not to wake you up when already asleep. Food was better in Norbuling hotel as well.

Overall, it was a great experience/trip and would like to go back someday...with other friends too!