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A very good time in a beautiful country, Bhutan

Hi Sonam,

Thanks for the email. I had a very good time in Bhutan. It is a beautiful country full of warm people. Overall I was pleased with my experience. I enjoyed my guide and driver. The Hotel Lobesa was very nice. I would only have two suggestions for improvement. I was a bit disappointed that my reservation at Hotel Lobesa was not taken care of for the first night in Punakha and I was forced to stay at Hotel Vera, which is a significant step down from Hotel Lobesa. I certainly do not expect to stay at 5 star resorts for a $250/day all in price, but I think the quality of what you get at Lobesa is a reasonable expectation. Hotel Vera was not to that level. Also, while the Meta Resort & Spa in Paro would normally be a fine option at this price point, my stay was during the middle of a massive construction project on the property that lasted from 8 am to 8 pm every day. I came from hectic Hong Kong for a peaceful and relaxing stay, but I could not get that at Metta Resort with all of the pounding and construction noise. So my suggestion would be to put your guests somewhere else in Paro until you are assured the construction is over. It really impacted my stay the final few days. Finally, it would be nice to have some choice in what food was served to me. Even if they just say, these are the X number of things we have, which of them would you like. I would end up throwing away so much food each meal. It would be nice to have a little choice in the matter as to what I would be eating.

Anyway, overall I had a nice time and enjoyed my stay in your beautiful country. Thanks for all your help.

Kurtis Sherwood