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Bhutan is a great country to visit

Hi sonam !just a note to say thanks for organising my tour of Bhutan 

Your teams efforts organisation and thoughtfulness really became so obvious when I hit the ground !!!! Your communicate was 1sts class you covered all bases !!,Bhutan’s a great country to visit ill be letting everyone know druks the team without hesitations!!

I’ve been dealing with managers and,staff for many years now and recognise your driver wangchuk, has a unique character and quality for someone in his age ,

if the opportunity arises to further enhance his position and evolve these qualities your company will be the one rewarded!!


Thanks for assigning me dhendp, I couldn’t think there’s a better guide in all or Bhutan !! His experience was obvious many, many times over the journey ,his knowledge and enthusiasm were informative and infectious!! 

He has honed the ability to read what the customers want and need very quickly , at every opportunity and,without hesitation delivering a most rewarding and memorable experience!! 

He deals with every situation with the utmost respect !! I’m looking forward to my next visit already but as much as I’m looking to see more of bhutan I’m looking more forward to seeing my friend dhendp!!


I experienced the worst nightmare ,whilst on tour ,an email from home ,a loved one was taken Ill with no chance of recovery ! Though very old ,the shock and realisation of being so far away is overwhelming feeling of being isolated and alone !Dhendp, s real quality stood up here !


Realising I needed to do something to feel better about everything he suggest we visit a monestry to make a blessing !!exactly what i needed to do!! 

Thank you sendup!! Amazing !! 

I’ll never forget this effort and more importantly ,kindness!! 


If the opportunity arises to acknowledge this situation please do so !!Im contactable any time thank you 

Steven Kennett