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Bhutan is Beautiful

Kuzuzangpo La!

My stay in Bhutan was AWESOME! Jambay Dodo our guide and our driver, Ugam ( I don't know if I am writing his name correctly ) were excellent in their hospitality! They were kind, and very considerate. Dodo is knowledgeable and through him I got a deeper understanding of your culture and country. We gave them a nice review on the feedback form. They made our trip more special and we are happy to have met them. Attached a pic of a bit of the fresh mint they gave us from Ugam's garden - they gave us ALOT! So touched by their thoughtfulness. We enjoyed mint tea that evening :) In Singapore we mostly live in high raised apartments so having fresh grown anything is special for me. I guess very normal in Bhutan haha.

Bhutan is beautiful... so peaceful and cultural. I managed to find a lovely spot outside my room in Dhensa to do some morning yoga - misty pine forest and mountain as a backdrop. Very energizing.

Highlight was the climb to Tiger's Nest. I've attached some photos of the trip... I didn't take too many as I wanted to be in the moment to experience Bhutan, not live it through the pics.

Thank you for arranging our trip, and I am grateful for your patience for my many many many questions , and making our trip so seamless. I will surely recommend you and Druk Asia to my family and friends for their Bhutanese experience.

The only regret is that we didn't get a chance to take a group photo with Dodo and Ugam on the last day due to their work commitment - we understand. Please keep in touch and same with them too- fb or email? whichever comfortable :)

Please send them our thanks and gratitude for making Bhutan more special experience.

If I complete a painting of my memory of Bhutan, I will also share it with you... takes time to do... haha