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Witness the colorful Dochu La Festival

Hi Sonam,

Kusuzanpo La!

Yes we enjoyed our trip very much, is awesome! Especially at the colorful Dochu La Festival and the unexpected snow on our way up to the Tiger Nest Monastery. The only regret was that we were slow and unable to make it up to the Tiger Nest Monastery. We rested at the cafeteria when the snow was getting thicker and our guide Tshering suggested we turned back as it was too dangerous to carry on. Not too bad, some of our fellow tour mates who had made it shared their photos with us.

We enjoyed our photo session at the "Simply Bhutan" and the simple food (Vegan) at the farm house on our way to Gangtey to watch the Black-Necked Crane. We were lucky to be provided with rooms at Dewachen with an electric heater whereas our other tour mates were given rooms with a manual fire wood heater. We also received the warm hospitality from the owner of Hotel Lobesa, the only setback was that the heater and the hot water were not working well in the spacious room.

We would suggest to reduce one of the session of visiting the Dzongs and replace by a half or a day free for shopping of souvenirs or trying local food. On the whole we enjoyed the company of our interesting guide Tshering Norbu and our reliable driver Tensin (Jigs).

Attached some interesting photos for your sharing.