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Definitely going back to Bhutan

Dear Sangay,

Overall, our guide and the driver are friendly. They are very accommodating to our requests and they are very willing to assist us in many ways. However, I didn't know our driver's name. I don't think he was properly introduced, and he didn't really speak a lot of English.

I would have loved to learn more of Bhutan's culture, history and language. I feel that there could be more introductions/explanations throughout the trip. I only managed to learn 'IHi" in Bhutanese from other travelers' driver.

In terms of food, I would love to try more of Bhutan's local cuisine. I feel that the food we have throughout the trip are more catered to tourist than the locals.

In regards to accommodation, the first two hotels were better in comparison. At the third hotel, the hotel decided to put the three guys in three rooms with electric heater while the two girls were left to struggle in two rooms with no heater. (It was -7C outside.) The room was only equipped with a small fireplace and the fire burns out fairly quickly. It was impossible to keep the fire going throughout the night. At the last hotel, although they have electric heater in the room, you don't really feel the heat unless you stand right next to the heater. The water heater in my room also broke down during the second night stay and the hotel staff had to come and fix it.

As for the itinerary, our guide didn't seem to know that the takin enclosure closes at 4pm during winter months. We went there after 4pm and the gates were closed. Luckily, we managed to squeeze in the enclosure on our way back to Paro. During our trip, we were also stuck in a road block for more than an hour. I wish we could have worked our itinerary around the road blocks. I definitely have to go back to Bhutan some other time to experience what the country has to offer.

Doris Lee's Group