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Efficient and Seamless Trip to Bhutan

Dear Sonam,

Thank you for your email. We would like certainly like to share our feedback about the trip from June 12-18 2016.

1. Pre-trip and booking process

The booking process with Druk Asia was easy, efficient and seamless. There was always quick communication between Druk Asia and us, our emails were answered within 24 hours. The travel tips given to us before the trip were very useful and clear, and we hardly had more questions after reading the travel tips.

2. Itinerary

The itinerary is very comprehensive and well-planned. The amount of activities planned per day was sufficient, if not, more than what was expected and it was great that it was 'overplanned' so that travelers who were quick had the option of seeing more, and those who preferred to take it slower could choose to take away some activities. This was also stated clearly in the pre-trip tips so that travelers would not have unreasonable expectations. The amount of time spent for each activity on the itinerary is also very realistic.

3. Food

The choice of food and restaurants is appropriate, palatable and generally suitable for Singaporeans. However, the selection is usually similar each day so it would be great if more variety was given or perhaps a change of cuisine on some days. After a week of eating the same food, it gets a little boring. Also, perhaps a choice of a meal with traditional Bhutanese food will be an authentic experience too.

4. Accommodation

We stayed at Osel Hotel in Thimphu, Hotel Lobesa in Punakha and Metta Resort in Paro. Hotel Osel was a really nice stay and we are happy that we had upgraded to it. Hotel Lobesa had excellent service and we really enjoyed our stay there due to the hospitality. Metta Resort was also a comfortable stay with friendly service. One of the two rooms we stayed in had many bugs and was not so comfortable.

5. Our Guide Lhawang Dorji 
Besides the experience of being in Bhutan, our other highlight of the trip has to be our guide Lhawang. We would like to specially commend him for his excellent service. Lhawang met us at the airport punctually, with our driver, Gimbo. Lhawang was warm and friendly and made us feel at ease immediately. He is also very humorous and easy-going in nature, keeping us entertained on our long rides in the van. He showed genuine concern for us and we felt very comfortable and safe with him. As a guide, Lhawang is very knowledgeable and shared a lot of valuable information about Bhutan and its history with us. He never failed to answer our questions with responses beyond our expectations and his pride for his country is evident in the way he spoke about the many places we visited. He went beyond his duties by showing us what local living is like and it was an experience we truly valued. We noticed that not all guides gave such detailed accounts at the dzongs and monasteries, so we are truly appreciative for the knowledge Lhawang shared. Our experience in Bhutan would not have been the same without Lhawang as our guide and for that, we are very thankful. Gimbo is also a very careful driver, very unassuming and always greeting us with a wide smile.

Thank you Sonam for all the help you have rendered us and for helping us make this trip possible in such a seamless manner. We have thoroughly enjoyed our trip and look forward to visiting again in future. I have attached some photographs that were taken by Edmund.


Warm regards,

Michelle, Nathan, Edmund and Stella