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An enriching experience to Bhutanese cultures

Hi Sonam!

We have enjoyed ourselves during the trip. Our guide and driver have been very professional and tried to make our stay as fun as possible. Our guide introduced us to local book stores for books written by local Writers and local clubs. One of the drivers was so generous that he invited us to his home so that we can experience how a local house looks like.

We met other tourists along the way and our guides are very friendly so we were able to mingle and got to know more people. It has been an enriching experience to find out so much about Bhutanese cultures when our guides were so enthusiastic in sharing.

A slight suggestion is to make sure the vehicle is fully functional especially when the tourists have to travel to the villages/ valleys. We experienced vehicle broke down twice (same car). While the itinerary was delayed, we were lucky that there are no major accidents and the weather was fine. We also noted that our guide and driver tried their best during such incidents.

Best regards,
Miaoyi Lim