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Few words to describe Bhutan - Magical, Unique and Beautiful

Hi Sangay,

Thank you for your patience with my reply while I finished my travels. How can I sum up my Bhutan experience? How much space do you have? Bhutan, if described in only a few words is magical, unique and beautiful.

I have had the privilege to travel to a few countries in Asia and Bhutan was everything I have always wanted to see in Asia. The majestic mountains, the green and lush forests, the friendly and happy people, a country where Buddhism beautifully permeates every aspect if daily life. I did not know there was a place on earth like this that existed.

My guide (Ugyen) and driver (Nidup) were fabulous and we had a great time together. I learned so much about the history of the country and about Buddhism from them. Ugyen's passion for his country, his people and nature is infectious and I was honored to share my experience of Bhutan with these two wonderful people (and the many more I met along the way).

I feel that the idea of controlled tourism is hard to understand for some people; people don't understand why they can't travel the country on their own. I understand their position but after being in the country, I see why Bhutan has imposed these regulations and I believe that this is what has allowed them to hold on to their authenticity. I felt my experience was very encompassing and I felt a sense of comfort traveling with people that know the land and the roads so well.

My only suggestion of change would be to have a little more dialogue regarding the customization of the trip. Because there are very few people who have traveled to this country, planning the trip was difficult when you are doing it by looking at different itineraries.

Now that I have been, I feel there may have been a more relaxing way to see the country that may have cut down on the driving times-a few more suggestions on different trip styles from the agents end may be helpful. That being said, I wouldn't change my Bhutan experience with DrukAsia for anything.