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Getting a local cultural show by surprised

Hi Sangay,

Kuzuzangpo! Thanks for the neat arrangement; our trip was great and memorable.

Our arrival flight got so delayed that we had to miss the first day's itinerary, and because of that, we had to cancel Gangtey and returned to Thimphu instead after Punakha, as to catch up with Tango Goemba that we thought to be more interesting than Gangtey. We had issue with our first guide that he had a knee problem during the Tango Goemba trip, and requested to get a new guide. The transition went smooth and we continued to enjoy the trip.

Had a chance to check out the local bar in Thimphu and Paro, and those were interesting. Also we had a surprise on getting a local cultural show organized by a tour group of Malaysian people that happened in our Tenzinling hotel, Paro.

Again, many thanks...hope to again make another visit to Bhutan, next time, will take the flight from Paro to Bumthang, and do the land trip from there to Yonphula, and then taking the flight from there back to Paro. That is just a bit of what is in my mind right now. :)

Kadin Chhey La!