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Happy to be able to see this unique and unusual country

Hi Eve,

My trip to Bhutan was great and I really enjoyed it. I am very happy that I was able to see this unique and unusual country and had many nice experiences. Temples and monasteries are nice. Hot stone bath is absolutely awesome.

My smiley face on the official Bhutanese post stamp sent on the postcards to my family and friends is absolutely mind-blowing experience and which none of the other countries would allow for such thing to happen.

Himalayan mountains and scenery are brilliant.

My tour guide and driver are both absolutely wonderful and tour guide is very knowledgeable and arranged a lot for me in order for me to get the best experiences. All the rest is great as well.

I will send some photos to you as well which you can share on your website / with future travellers / etc. No problem. Just give me a few weeks to sort them out. Am a bit of so called a Japanese tourist on this matter and snap so many photos that it takes time for me to go through them.

Many thanks and kind regards,
Natalia Tuson