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Hike in the Himalayas - Tiger's Nest Monastery

Dear Sonam,

Thank you very much for your email. Sorry it took us long to get back to you but we were still traveling. Me and my family we are all extremely pleased with our visit to Bhutan. We loved every single moment spent there and will very dearly remember them. However, without a doubt what was key to make of our trip an amazing experience was the services provided by Druk Asia through our guide, Tshering Penjor, and our driver Tencen. Their warmth and great disposition to help us enjoy as much as possible our time in Bhutan we highly appreciate.

Regarding the hotels, we were very pleased with all of them. Perhaps the only one we felt didn't match the standards of the rest was the Metta Resort and Spa, which was not bad but definitely lagged behind in comparison to the rest, which were all very good.

I have attached two pictures of us in Bhutan which we allow you to use. Again thanks and hope we will contact in the future for a second visit.