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I Enjoyed My Stay In Bhutan

Firstly, thank you so much for assisting me with my reservation. To be frank, I was uncertain about engaging DrukAsia initially as I do have a travel agency which I usually engage for my travel needs. It's your speedy response (and actions) to my queries along the way that gave me the assurance I need. So, thank you for all the assistance.

On my guide Passang Dorji:

Please extend my heartfelt gratitude to Passang. Passang was very attentive to my needs from my first day of arrival in Bhutan. All requests (local SIM card, dietary needs etc.) I made were fulfilled, which I deemed as the most important indication to me that I would be in good hands in Bhutan. Throughout the trip, he made sure that I was prepared for the cold by reminding me to wear warm. He also asked me a few times if I was enjoying myself (as I was quiet in the car) which I think was very considerate of him.

He also brought me to the bank to get the USD changed into Nu as it is more convenient to make transactions in Nu and exchange rates are better in banks than at shops. I made requests for minor adjustments to the itinerary and they were all looked into. For examples, the weekend market in my itinerary could not be fulfilled because it was not opened on the day I was in the area. So, I requested to be brought to the post office so that I could mail one of the postcards given to me back to a friend in Singapore. That was looked into. As I was interested in observing archery matches, I requested to skip the visit to the temple in Paro in the itinerary after hike to Tiger's nest so that I could be brought to the village of my driver where they were celebrating the New Year. That was also fulfilled. And that was a very good experience for me because I could see how the people in Bhutan go about with celebrating important occasions. I think this going the extra mile service that I received from Passang made my stay in Bhutan enjoyable.

As I am a Buddhist, I appreciate a lot that Passang could share a lot about the culture and the spiritual aspects of Bhutan with me. I learnt a lot as a result. I also appreciate that he got me to do the prostration in the temples.

On my driver 'Uncle Rock' (I can't recall his full name):

Please also relate my gratitude to Uncle Rock. His driving skills made me feel safe on the road. His sense of humor made the long road trips bearable. I appreciate a lot that he allowed me to visit his village in Paro and his quick introduction of his wife and son. The warm smiles on the faces of his family and also the people in his village, and the experience of observing the New Year celebration in the form of archery match helped me to appreciate the culture and the people in Bhutan better.

So overall, I enjoyed my stay in Bhutan thanks to the well executed itinerary and the hospitality rendered by Passang and Uncle Rock (and the staff in the 3 hotels I stayed in). I will certainly recommend DrukAsia, Passang and Uncle Rock to my acquaintances who want to visit Bhutan.

1. Include in guide notes to travelers to bring along hiking stick (walking stick), trainer shoes (or whichever is recommended) and perhaps chocolate bars (or food bars to replenish energy and sugar intake) for hike to Tiger's Nest.

2. Publish the testimonies of clients about their guides so that potential clients can perhaps select their own guides (of course based on availability). I think we know to certain extent why we go on the trip and therefore it may be helpful if we can select the guides which are of better fit.

That's all from me.

Thank you so much and Happy New Year!

Best regards
Siow Wei