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I had a magical and restful time in Bhutan

Kuzu Zangpola Ugyen!

My apologies for not replying to your email earlier. I had a magical and restful time in Bhutan. It was a solo trip to remember thanks to your planning as well as CT and Jigme. :) I enjoyed the stay in Paro the most and the hotel was just my style (with awesome wifi yasss!) although the room I had for the last night was too far away from the internet. (dealt with it by staying out under the stars and in the cold to watch my live shows!) I love that I didn't have to remember the itinerary because CT is always there to ensure that we have somewhere to go after every stop. I thought it would have been weird to be hanging out with 2 strangers but somehow it was easy to make conversations with both CT and Jigme throughout the trip. CT is always thoughtful and always asked to ensure that I was comfortable throughout the trip. I had never trekked before and somehow or another I did it, albeit reluctantly. It was definitely an experience to remember and I would love to be back to witness other cultural festivals or to just enjoy the gorgeous scenery.

Thank you Ugyen for upgrading me on the flight and for the itinerary prepared, I felt so thankful throughout and till this day for this whole experience.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)

All photos credit to Nur Farahin Salleh