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I left a piece of my heart in Bhutan

It has been a few days since I was back at work, and I can't help but miss the days when I was in Bhutan. I miss the beautiful valleys, the mythical mountains, the clear rivers and most importantly, the kind people whom I've met during my short stay in Bhutan. Guess I left a piece of my heart in Bhutan.

 Kinley went out of his way to make us feel at home, acceded to our various requests and even volunteered to carry our heavy bags up tiger's nest because it was clear to him that we were all tired from the climb. It did not feel like Kinley was there with us merely as a guide doing his job. It felt like he was a friend showing us his beautiful home. We also want to thank our driver (I think he is called Chillie - not sure how to spell) who really tried to make our rides as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Also, thank you Sangay for making sure that the entire planning process went without a hitch. And also thank you for your quick responses to the questions I had, and for your patience with dealing with the questions I inundated you with.

Yours sincerely,
Yuan Kheng