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I will definitely recommend my friends and family to visit Bhutan with Drukasia

I was travelling as a solo female for the first time and any nervousness I felt while on the flight over was quickly put at ease when I met my guide and driver.

Mr Pema, my guide, was professional and knowledgeable, he was able to bring all his stories to life and I find myself deeply mesmerised by the vibrant Bhutanese culture and religion. His calm disposition and enthusiasm for the life in Bhutan was truly infectious throughout my tour. He was also very attentive and would often go the extra mile to ensure my trip was comfortable and memorable. For example, I was very interested in their national sport - archery, so we made a few stops to watched some friendly competitions. It was a very enjoyable experience to sit leisurely among the locals along the sidelines and soak in the excitement of the game and the lively teams. Sometimes, I would mention little things I would like to do but forget about them later on, however he would remember and shape our itinerary to accomplish those little things. It was a very thoughtful gesture.

Uncle Ugyen, our driver, knew I did not feel well on the first two days so he drove very carefully on the mountainous roads to ensure I was more comfortable. He is like a kind and friendly uncle who accompanied us for the trip; he even borrowed a ceremonial cloth (rachu) for me so that I can wear my Kira traditional dress to visit a Dzong fortress.

The Homestays was another highlight for me! In Punakha, the Mendrelgang Homestay had spacious rooms with attached bathrooms and their hosts were a young couple with their parents. We had dinner together in the lounge and the friendly couple spent the evening chatting with us like old friends. I heard it was a first booking by Drukasia, I would highly recommend this homestay for future guests!

Although the sights and sound of Bhutan are breathtakingly beautiful and serene, it is the warm and genuine people that made my first trip to Bhutan such an unforgettable one. I hope DrukAsia will continue to support and take care of its greatest asset, their people ambassadors. I will definitely recommend my friends and family to visit Bhutan with Drukasia. Is there a package for return visits? I cannot wait to return soon!

All photos credit to Eileen Tan