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It surprised me with more modernized and civilized society, and contradict culture

Bhutan, a country with 95% of Buddhism and 5% of Hinduism, citizens with strong belief, a country with no traffic light, no fast food chain, prohibit the import of tobacco but producing many types of alcohol, and the owner of the highest happy index in the world.


It surprised me with more modernized and civilized society, and contradict culture. The monks are equipped with a cellphone, youths with dyed hair, Kpop influential, yet still maintaining their traditional culture. They love their royal family (you can see the royal family pictures hanging everywhere - at home, in the restaurants, shops, airport and on the street), they are proud to wear their traditional costume - gho and Kira, and most of the men are a good archer.


The tour guides are very knowledgeable with their belief (they could point all the names of Buddha/God with many manifestations- we still confused ), as well as their country. The drivers are very skillful - the accident rate is pretty low while driving with no traffic light.


Don't worry, Tiger Nest is not as difficult to reach. I believe I'll develop 4 packs if I hike up and down for a week. I like their heart lighten sign boards - instead of the dull CCTV in operation they put up 'smile, you are on camera. My favourite 'activity' while hiking - plucking and eating the wild berries, so yum that I wanna pluck a bunch back to Singapore lol


Monasteries and fortresses visit let me rethink aside maintaining my lifestyle while fulfilling bucket list, I should do more to help the less fortunate and the environment.

Highly recommended to visit.