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Magical and Amazing Trip to Bhutan

Kuzu Zang Po La!!!

Bhutan has been nothing short of magical and amazing and it has changed our lives. We were so blessed throughout this trip. We met the fifth King of Bhutan, and even spoke to him, saw monks and ministers moving residences, something that only happens twice a year, and because we happened to see them, we were blessed by the monks and the ancient relics that they were transporting too. In Bumthang, we also so honoured to have met and talked to His Eminence The Fifth Padtselling Tulku Rinpoche and had our white scarves blessed by him too. We saw a double rainbow, saw yaks (usually very difficult to see during this time of the year), monkeys, and was even so fortunate to have witnessed a village gathering at a stupa for fourth lunar month celebrations.

We were so fortunate to have met our guide, Tshering Dorji, who is such a wise, knowledgeable and talented actor and guide. With him, we picked wild strawberries, stroked stray dogs and cats, learnt the names of various local flowers and spotted birds. We learnt so much about Buddhism and Buddhist philosophy as we visited dzongs, stupas, and monasteries.

We would also like to commend our wonderful driver, Gembo Dorji, for his excellent driving skills and wonderful attitude. Gembo safely and skillfully maneuvered the rocky and narrow mountain roads and when we had motion sickness, tactfully slowed down to make the journey easier. Throughout the car journeys, we have always noticed how he looks back at us in the mirror to check on us, and we are truly thankful for him.

We would like to thank Sonam Younten for his services through Druk Asia. We are also very happy with the t-shirts that Druk Asia gave us (although the sizing was too small for one of us, and too big for another ) It was a hassle free process, booking our trip to Bhutan. He answered all of our queries promptly and efficiently, and we would like to thank him for that.

However, our return flight to Bangkok was delayed for 5 hours and we were not informed at all by either Druk Air or Druk Asia through SMS or email. We only found out through our guide, and we also called Druk Air for confirmation. While on the phone with the Druk Air customer service personnel, we were told that the flight was all along set at 6pm and he was confused as to why my E-ticket stated 1:35pm. We would just like to highlight this issue to Druk Asia as it caused quite a bit of stress to us during our second last day in Bhutan. Also, we felt a little underprepared for the long car journeys. We were not really informed of the rocky conditions of the road and two of us suffered from motion sickness. It would be great if Druk Asia could give a heads-up regarding the road conditions etc.

Overall, our graduation trip to Bhutan has definitely been a trip of a lifetime, and we look forward to visiting Bhutan again in the next 5 years, when the roads have been widened and the car journeys will be smoother (hence less motion sickness! haha).


- Victoria, Fern & Wendy