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One of the most memorable trip for my wife and I

Hi Sonam,

I'll certainly get back to you shortly with more feedback. But in a nutshell, this was one of the most memorable trips my wife and I had and we would like to first convey our note of thanks (for now).

Separately, I'm thinking of putting together a series of photos that I've taken, together with quotes / reflections my wife and I will compose, into a travel photo-book entitled (for now): An Autumn in the Last Shangri-La. I'm just wondering how I could go about in getting Tourism Bhutan to perhaps underwrite the production of the book, in line with Visit Bhutan 2015 campaign and perhaps a minimal payment for original content.

I guess much depends on the quality of the photos / quotes... and I'm still sorting out the photos and putting a sample together, your advice as to how I should proceed will help tremendously.