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Memorable Trip To The Happiness Land


Firstly I would like to thank you and commend you on the great service you rendered to us from the very time I contact you to find out more about the itinerary and throughout the whole planning and booking stage, it had been very fuss-free for me. 

With our busy work schedule, we did not really actively follow up on the progress of the booking nor on the things to prep for the trip thus the travel tips provided on Bhutan is definitely so helpful for us to prep mentally for the trip.

So thank you so much for the hiccup-free booking process and your fast turnaround response to all my queries.

Some highlights to share on our trip:

  • Being provided the opportunity to put on the Kira & Gho definitely enhance our experience in Bhutan allowing us to better appreciate the beauty of the national costume that most locals will wear every day.
  • On our Guide & Driver: Was a joy to have Haba (Phub Tshering) & Thinley (Dorji) as our guide and driver. Haba is very knowledgeable with the culture and history and always have lots interesting stories to share with us. Of course not forgetting all the photos, Haba helped us with throughout the trip, especially capturing all our candid moments, which makes meaningful remembrance of this holiday. Thinley is a skilled & safe driver and despite the winding mountainous road and muddy road conditions at times, he always gets us from point to point with minimal discomfort. Both of them took good care of us throughout the trip especially during the grueling hike up Tiger Nest, helping us with our bags to make sure we are as light & comfortable as possible to hike up and always giving words of encouragement to us when we get tire out. We also have the chance to meet and mingle with other Druk Asia guide and driver and their tourists from Singapore as well thus making the whole trip even more fun.
  • Highlight of the trip definitely is dinner at the local farmhouse which we have an insight to the local's home and try authentic Bhutanese cooking. Another Sweet gesture was a surprise birthday cake & wine arranged by DrukAsia and I do have a memorable birthday celebration here at Bhutan together with the rest of the SG tourists and the Drukasia team!
  • The warm hospitability by the Drukasia team had made this trip so memorable and we truly experience why Bhutan is a happiness land. Sharing some picture as attached for your viewing / sharing.

Exploring Bhutan for the first time is definitely an eye-opener for us and I’m already looking forward to my next trip to explore more of this gem country.

Thank you once again!