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My booking for my 7D6N trip with my travel agent, Sonam Younten has been a smooth one

My booking for my 7D6N trip with my travel agent, Sonam Younten has been a smooth one as he was able to address every inquiry I had and made sure that his replies reaches me on the same day, if not latest by the next. While Mum and I were looking forward to our trip that was supposedly scheduled in March, we had to postphone it due to an emergency condition at home. Sonam was very understanding to our plight and offered to reschedule our travel dates, made the necessary hotel arrangements where he also waived off the additional fees that we needed to pay and assisted us in booking our next travel date; in September.

Throughout the 7days, we had a remarkable and heartful private tour with the company of our superb guide and driver, Sonam (Ice) and Jigme respectively. Ice was extremely chatty and joyful with us and there was never a dull moment. He was very well-knowledgeable in the history of Bhutan and was quick in attending to all our needs - indeed a very professional and experienced guide. We did not have to worry if there would be any hiccups during the trip, and even so, Ice would have taken care of it before it even reaches us. Ice is definitely the a-star guide that you would want to engage for your trip! Jimmy or rather, Jigme, ensured that we were fetched to our destinations safely and kept us engaged with his humorous jokes. He's always on time and had the car ready - nice and clean as we began a new day of exploration! Though we only found out on our last day that Jigme has just started his new career in the tourism industry, it was our absolute honor to be Jigme's first tour group!

Once again, thank you Sonam Wangchuk and Jigme JoJo Dor-Jee. Mum and I had a trip of a lifetime, it was definitely more than memorable and we have been missing your company since. Beautiful moments, incredible memories and new friendships forged. High recommendations for Druk, Ice and Jigme! Hope to have you both as our company for the next trip!