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My Stay At Bhutan Was A Great And Memorable One

Good evening!
My stay at Bhutan was a great and memorable one. Will be returning to Bhutan definitely.
Bhutanese people are friendly, magnificent scenery, rich culture, nice food and etc etc (too many things to be listed down). This 7D6N tour is indeed enriching myself not just from the trip itself, but also an addition request to drop by to a school during the tour for donation of stationary. The school principal was actually willing and happy to host and show me around the school explaining the school curriculum to how school can self sustain. It broaden my horizon on how knowledgeable Bhutanese can be and it is their perspective that actually make them the happiest country in the world; not just physical things.
My apologies if the donation of stationary to schools or dropping by school is not allowed in the trip. Please do not fault the guide or anyone as it was a request on my accord. But the visit to the school was after school hours so disruption to the lessons or the operation of the school is minimal.
Guide (Kinley) has shown professionalism in her work and is very adaptive. Itinerary was adjusted by guide to accommodate the request which I am grateful for. Additionally, she also proposed to bring forward the Tiger Nest hike from Day 6 to Day 5 so that there will be enough time to rest and recover for the flight back to Singapore.
Transport operator (Nawang) was a safe driver who keep to the speed limit during the drive from place to place. Have seen many vehicles of different size driving dangerously at the cliffs and corners which I was quite relieved that I am not on those vehicles. He was also helpful in assisting carrying the stuff be it big or small, when I insist to carry it myself.
There is nothing to comment for feedback or improvement on DrukAsia side per se. To be honest it was a very smooth and worry free trip as everything has been catered for.
Only thing for feedback would be the hotel shower facilities as follows:
Hotel Osel bathtub with shower head mounted on the wall making it a little challenging to shower. User will have to lean towards the wall for water. Only if they have shower head with flexible hose. The pomegranate juice served during the reception is delicious though.
Dewachen (also the coldest place for the entire trip) do not have hot water for bath. This might be caused by the power trip prior. But their hotel friendly staff and amenities along with the magnificent scenery make up for it nonetheless.
The shower facilities are not much of an impact to the trip as the entire trip outweigh the minute flaws mentioned.
Qing Gui