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My Trip To Veritable Treasure Trove

It's been equal parts wonderful and beastly to be back home.

I ventured into this trip with a transient agenda of escapism, but by the end of it, it was clear I'd been afforded more than I had bargained for. In a space where unique experiences are fleetingly singular commodities, Bhutan has been a veritable treasure trove, which I shall undoubtedly hoard in memory. As an enthusiast of sweeping vistas and a good old road trip, I can gladly say that all the boxes have been checked. Fortunately, by the time I am writing this, hindsight has already had its time to percolate, and every ascent now seems worth doing ten times over.

My thanks to Kuenzang for his forbearance with my inability to be a proper tourist, and keeping up with my astounding uphill speeds. Lucky are those will follow after, for as many before have mentioned, he's properly engaging and really does know what he's on about. More importantly though, he knows how to have a laugh, which to me is fundamental to any equation. I'd stack that above saving my actual neck from a quick downhill excursion(s).

Thank you as well taking all the arrangements out of my hands. For someone whose time is not her own, it's an absolute gift, and you've done an amazing job.