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One of Our Best Trips

Thank you for arranging the trip of a lifetime! Bhutan is so beautiful and magical!

We enjoyed the trip from the very start at Paro Airport. The majestic mountains greeted us when we arrived. Thank you, Sonam for letting us have the wonderful opportunity of meeting our guide Ms Tshering Pelden aka Ms TP and our driver Mr Kuenzang. We had a whale of a time and also made good friends with her and Mr Kuenzang.

The tour was so jam-packed with activities and within a span of 9 days we packed in more than we should have with the many nooks and crannies in Bhutan - culture, nature, travel destinations, culinary delights, school visits, religious ceremonies and most of all the many friendships and meeting Bhutanese people in their natural environment. This trip was one of our best. This was all possible because of Ms TP and Mr Kuenzheng who went out of their way to make this trip a great one.

They are experienced, professional, resourceful and most of all treated us like family. They gave us an adventure we would never forget. We probably experienced more in those 9 days than most of our other travelling companions from the other groups. Most of the hotels were okay. however, the ones that stood out were Hotel Lobesa, Dewachen and Zhiwaling. These hotels were so spectacular in terms of views, rooms and service provided. The rest were okay but the service was excellent.

The trip was so packed with activities that we did not have the chance to enjoy them as we had stayed there only for a night. One feedback that I would like to give is for the chance to stay at least 2 days at a destination, one of which would be a free and easy time to give people a chance to explore and experience the place and enjoy the surroundings. I would like to highlight that Dewachen hotel treated the guides and drivers quite badly when we were there.

They had to stay at a place far from us and it did not make sense, as, if we had needed help or an emergency would have cropped up, it would have been quite illogical for them to come back all the way to solve it. Other than that, the places we visited from Thimphu to Punakha and beyond were amazing. The treks were gruelling for us unfit individuals but we actually made it and in the process enjoyed them all. The trip made us go beyond our limits in terms of endurance and also our expectations. Bhutan is truly a wonderful place and my friends and I hope to go back there in 2018 to re-live the magic of this beautiful place.

Thank you, Sonam and Druk Air.

Monica Berger, Stephanie, Wang and Nisha