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Our First Ever Trip to Bhutan

We truly enjoyed the trip especially the Bumdra trek which continued on to Tiger's Nest Monastry, which was the highlight of the itinerary.

The Bumdra camp is indeed luxurious with 1 person to each tent, being equipped with Queen size bed on metal frames as well as down feather blanket and shelf rack at the entrance.

The welcome snacks (pop corn and biscuits) and hot drinks (ginger tea) were beyond our expectation, added to our enjoyment of the views of the mountains in front of us, forgetting the tiredness of the trek up to 3,800m.

Our guide - Ms Dechen Deema - has been wonderful and patient throughout the trip, and together with the driver, have made our trip very memorable with their stories and jokes.

Thanks so much for the wonderful time in Bhutan, being our first trip!

Hopefully we have another opportunity to explore the central part of Bhutan...


Arlene & Julie