our very special days in Bhutan
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Our very special days in Bhutan

We spent very special days at the beginning of 2019 in Bhutan, because we had so many fascinating impressions when we were introduced to the culture, the religion, the vegetation, the food and last but not least to the very friendly people in Bhutan.

Most of all we had the luck, that Sonam was our guide. He was very friendly and well educated, always knew information when asked and the four of us were always the last to leave, when other guides had already left with their groups, because Sonam knew so many fascinating detail in addition to the regular informations. He was always fully present when asked or needed, but he had also the very diplomatic skill, to keep himself unseen in the background. Thus we spent a very pleasant time together.

We also have to thank "Django", our driver, who drove experienced and carefully and his always good mood made his company pleasant.

Thank you very much, we never forget these extraordinary days at Bhutan.

Dr.Reinhold A.Brunke